Tell Your Story

Share your story of bush women in your life. Below are a few of the stories which have been shared with me.

● A Chipewyan women from Lutsel’ke traveled in an open motor boat around Great Slave Lake, NT, like it was her backyard. She would go over 300 km in one trip, driving through the night, guided by the midnight sun.

● A Chipewyan women from Lutsel’ke, NT, was picking berries with her young son. Suddenly, she began to feel uncomfortable and decided to climb the rock face of a cliff next to the trail and wait. Within moments two large grizzlies came up on the trail, missing them by moments.

● A small group of Gwich’in women from Tsiigehchic, NT, were at their fish camp at Tree River, when they stalked by a black bear for three days, until they were forced to kill it.

● A Gwich’in woman from Inuvik, NT, who was nine months pregnant, was with her young son at a winter bush camp on the Mackenzie Delta when she went into labour and walked five miles to their nearest camp for help.

● An Innuvailuit women from Inuvik, NT, was sitting at home when she heard a noise from her kitchen cupboard to discover a live duck under her sink. Her husband was so excited to go out with the boys, that he failed to ensure all the ducks were dead.