Jean Taylor

Artist Statement

When I undertook the paintings for this project, I had so many many images in my mind. I could cover several walls with images of the industry and beauty of these hardy women. It was interesting to me, in completing these three, that Gramma emerged strongly and it brought the realization to consciousness once again that she is my iconic woman of the land. I knew this in my heart as a child and she left so long ago, I was forgetting the feeling of her.

Gramma kept things simple, she never complicated anything. She didn’t have much and she didn’t need much and yet she had everything this well-loved woman on the land.

Title: Gramma in Autumn
Materials: acrylic on canvas
Dimensions: 9” x 12”
Date: 2014

Gramma is taking a restful moment beside her freshly picked berries and is soon to enjoy some of her bounty that is warming over the fire.
The warm autumn sun will soon be replaced by the winter snowfall and by then her tent will be stored away in her cozy winter cabin where she will be spending her winter evenings catching up on her sewing.

Title: Scraping a Hide
Materials: acrylic on canvas
Dimensions: 9” x 12”
Date: 2014

I remember that Gramma always wore dresses, it seemed to me at times that pants would have been more practical and comfortable. She was so tiny and a moose hide is so large. When she went about her work an aura of meditative calmness surrounded her. I loved this energy and sometimes when I paint, I feel it.

Title: Winter Harvest
Materials:Acrylic on canvas
Dimensions:9″ x 12″
Date: 2014

Gramma taught her daughters all the survival skills they needed in the northern climate. So my mother and aunties were capable outdoors women. My mother told me that 40 below and colder was common when she was a girl. In those temperatures, sound travels far. So in the cabin somewhere on the shore the chatter between the girls running the net can be heard.


  1. Awe, I absolutely love these. Even more so with the memories and stories added! Lots of love ❤

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