Heather Bell Callaghan

Title: My Mother
Materials: acrylic, tie dye, enamel, watercolour, sharpie, feathers on canvas
Dimensions: 26” x 48”
Date: 2014

Artist Statement

My Mother is a beautiful feminine woman. Her name is Pearl. She has high cheekbones and raven black hair. By her ear you can often find unique jewelry or a little feather clip. Her voice is strong, speaking her mind always, but forever she is generous and fair. The ladies in my Tlingit family have always been hunters. Being a good hunter made them practice stealth, skill, and agility, which they took pride in as making them even more feminine. Being able to represent your family, provide for your family, and protect your family were things they held as essential. In this painting, I wish to honour my Mother on her first big moose hunt, which happened when she was 14 years old. I never heard her ever speak down to the animals, or boast about her hunts. In fact, moose is her favourite creature and she always speaks of their strength and elegance with great admiration. Being very humble about her past hunts, she has told me now that her hunting time has reached its full cycle and that she gives the responsibility to the next generations. I admire the respect that she has for the natural world. I have so much more to learn from her and always will.


  1. We have some women in our community that make sure their appearance is picture perfect before they go out moose and caribou hunting in the fall. This painting reminds me of those ladies – stunning and showing reverence for the hunted.

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