Dolores Scheffen

Title: Jijuu of kwinttluth Kakawiteudui
Title: Grandma of Abundant Knowledge
Materials: stroud, glass seed beads, nylon beading thread
Dimensions: 10” x 13”
Date: 2009

When I was asked what I remember about the work women did in my life, instantly the image of grandma tanning hide came into my mind. She worked all the time, I use to love going to spend time with her at their camp at Wolf Creek and at Moosehide. My mother also worked very hard and lived a traditional life. I have learnt so much from both of them.

Title: Dancing with Beads
Materials: stroud, glass seed beads, felt
Date: 2009

I made this design for my daughter Allison’s traditional regilea. This flower is a design created to give to my children to symbolize strength and foster leadership. We each have our own colour of beads that represent each one of us. When I made my daughters and grandchildren’s regalia I was naturally drawn to the colours of the beads for their designs. This flower motif is unique because I designed it and choose its colours for all of us to wear as one.


  1. You do beautiful work Dolores!! Great that your Gramma and Mom have passed on their talents to you.

  2. So wonderful to see Grandma Annie celebrated in this way. I like how your work is always connected to or about people. People you love, people you have met, people that are commissioned by. You carry them with you as you work. Care and thoughtfulness in every stitch. Congratulations on the new work.

  3. Fabulous work Dolly
    I had no idea you were so talented of an artist. Proud of you! Wow!

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